Skin and hair routine

Skin and hair routine



BIODERMA Cleansing foam for dehydrated skin

AVENE face scrub & moisture mask for sensitive dry skin

SANOFLORE rose water

My skin care routine is constantly changing due to its very sensitive nature. I have dehydrated skin, I shamefully admit that I don’t drink enough water ( if only homemade juices could replace it). Well it doesn’t, so I need products that somehow can replace my unconscious way of not drinking enough water so that my skin still glows and stay hydrated. I am obsessed with the rose water from the organic French brand Sanoflore, I just can’t live without it. I tested it first time last spring and it was love at first use. I am also a big fan of Bioderma and Avene. Honestly, all cleansing products from Bioderma do wonders for me, I use all of their H2O waters to remove my make up for years now. Their cleansing foam is the best face washer I tested yet.


EXERTIER( via CRC Communication) day cream & lotion

My best cream discovery comes from the heart of the Alps, the famous ski station of Courchevel to be more precise and it is divinely good. The smell of white orchids is an absolute enchantement. Exertier is the name of my latest skin “try out” and their lotion has become my absolute favorite daily habit. It is light and preciously taking care of my skin, leaving it hydrated and radiant.


VEGETALEMENT PROVENCE hair hydrating cream


BIOCYTE growth & anti hair loss serum

MASSATO PARIS colored shampoo & mask

Here is a selection of the best hair care products I tested, at the top a brand based in Provence, called Vegetalement. For now I only got to test their hydrating cream and let me tell you it is amazing. I use it every day for almost a month and I will make sure to re order it soon. My hair feels super soft after using it, which is great for my curly damaged hair.

Recently I have been losing more hair than usual, probably straightening it oftener doesn’t do much good. The keratin treatment from Biocyte seems to be doing the job quite well. Very curious to see the results. Another favorite of the month is the colored mask from Massato Paris, due to the argan oil inside my hair looks super healthy after using it. I think I might need an appointment to the Massato colorist salon in Paris very soon, I have heard it is pretty amazing.


And finally but not least, my favorite scents which didn’t change that much since this summer with my top pick: By Kilian’s “good girl gone bad” and something new, the emblematic Acqua di Parma’s “colonia”(which just celebrated its 100 years anniversary).


BY KILIAN perfume


ACQUA DI PARMA ( via Ohlala agency) spray


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