The most beautiful painted autumn

The most beautiful painted autumn

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I am wearing :

ELEVEN PARIS bomber jacket


TAMARZIZT earrings

H&M jeans

ZARA skirt


FURLAND fur charm

Photographer : Sébastien Fournier Location : Parc Floral/Paris

This autumn I have seen the most inspiring and powerful colors that fall has painted yet. Autumn’s color palette was more impressive this year than ever (personal thought). For me the mother nature offered us a spectacular painting exhibition. We should never take for granted the beauty of nature and her free of charge spectacles. It is one of the most precious and relaxing things we have access to in our overall stressful lives.  It is that one thing that can make us overpass whatever difficulties may occur. I think the photos are a better witness than my words, they tell the story a million times better…


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I used many layers for this outfit, I wished to compose a look that is confortable for an afternoon walk in the park without leaving the chic part at home. The suede skirt over jeans was my favorite part as well as the oversized earrings and the furry accessories. I replaced the sneakers with a pair of embellished loafers for a more elegant look. The cashmere manly socks were a must.

autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-8 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-13 best_blogs_paris_fw_16_vintage-3autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-2 furland_pom_pom_fur_bird_charm_fendi_bag autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-6 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-3 autumn_parc_floral_paris-2 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-1 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-9 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-10 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-7 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-16autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-15 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-11 autumn_park_paris_parc_floral_nature_photography-12 vintage_traffic_best_paris_blogs-1 vintage_traffic_best_paris_blogs-2

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