ghd travel companion

ghd travel companion

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ghd travel hairdryer & copper luxe set via Ohlala! beauty PR

Photographer : Sébastien Fournier Location : Belgium/Brugges

I recently had a cocooning morning all for myself, I have those from time to time. I get to take a relaxing bath and do my hair which is one of the best ways to relax for me. I always wanted to test ghd’s products, known for constantly innovating in hair styling and general care. My hair is challenging and demands special care, being curly and quite dry. I love brushing my hair and keeping it under control while travelling. This new hairdryer in limited edition from their copper luxe collection came in when I truly needed a travel companion to take care of my fragile hair. The travel set is as practical and efficient as the compact hairdryer. I particularly enjoy using the brush twice a day and applying the serum at my ends each time. It leaves my hair smooth and my ends less frizzy.

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