Blue Christmas Eve

Blue Christmas Eve

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VINTAGE sweater

H&M dress


DIOR vintage bag


Photographer : Sébastien Fournier Location : Paris/Vendôme

Christmas, that time of the year that we should all spend with our families, offer and receive unconditional love, be kinder and less selfish. I won’t get into that because it makes me feel very emotional and my purpose is to keep you positive and happy while scrolling on this blog.

Today’s story will focus on a designer’s work that I am so thrilled to introduce to you. I am a huge admirer of young Romanian designer, Oana Lupas (see more of her work here) who created one of my favorite collections yet, “minunea matusii Marlene” in translation “Aunt Marlene’s wonder”. I find that the story behind the clothes plays a major role in order for a brand to distinguish itself from the rest. This is one of those collections that tells the story you want it to tell. Watch the brand’s story video here and feel free to dream yours as well.

Here is what I dreamed of on a December night…Aunt Marlene was extremely generous and since I was her wonder she left me a fortune that I have spent on my luxurious three bedrooms apartment close by the iconic Place Vendôme and a lifetime subscription to the Ritz spa. She also left me the prettiest coat, embroidered by hand with a bird (the symbol of spring and hope) I last wore it for Christmas Eve shoe shopping.

Thank you Oana Lupas for inspiring me…





I would like to wish you all a joyful Christmas, remember to cherish every moment with your dear ones and offer them the most affordable feelings: love and kindness. 

Yours truly, 


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