Pajamas inspired look

Pajamas inspired look

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I am wearing :

CHEYMA bomber & pants


SAVAS MILANO basket bag


Photographer : Sébastien Fournier Location : Aix en Provence

Currently in Provence where I am celebrating Christmas with my French family, aka my fiance’s parents. I rarely post an outfit in such a short amount of time after shooting it, but I thought maybe it would be useful for you in case you need some sort of inspiration for your Christmas outfits. If you are like me, you rarely want to take off your cozy pyjamas…which brings me to my outfit subject, the outdoor pajamas inspired set. It is very elegant to wear it inside your house but also outdoors, you just need to add the right accessories to break the ordinary use. I also matched it with my furry slippers, which are also related to home-wear. I added an extra chic basket bag and a pearl necklace to break the ‘ordinary’ and make it look chic. If you were in doubt, your silk/satin pajamas are a very good alternative to wear for Christmas, pair them with your favorite oversized coat for that ultimate elegant look, with some stilettos too.



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