Royal blue casual chic

Royal blue casual chic


I am wearing :

VINTAGE coat & sweater




NIKE sneakers

Photographer : Sébastien Fournier Location : Paris

This vintage coat is still among my favorites, it kept me warm during many winters and I couldn’t find another more fabulous faux fur for my casual chic outfits. Oversized furry coats have been in my wardrobe for so long and they are just so versatile, they can easily be styled from casual to elegant looks. In my case it is all about a chic comfort, especially when I know I will be spending the whole day out in the city. The traditional Romanian scarf on my head is a personal touch at the moment, I value our traditions and I love the colors of Maramures (one of my favorite regions in Romania). Their culture inspire me so much and it is always nice to introduce a stylish element representing my roots. Stay tuned for another similar look in the days to come.

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