Irina Madan-painting playfulness on cotton

Irina Madan-painting playfulness on cotton

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IRINA MADAN costumed maxi dress with belt & rooster painted skirt

via ETSY shop

Today I introduce you to an artist that has a lot to offer, a girl that not only is genuinely talented but also a beautiful human. Her name is Irina Madan, her work is beyond amazing and truly like nothing I have seen before. She paints on clothing and she does it in a way that can warm up even the coldest of hearts. I first discovered her work thanks to my friend Stella (  I posted her dress from NYFW here). I immediately knew I have to get in touch with her and find out more about her design. She clearly makes wearable art (sometimes the line between fashion and art is very thin and this is another proof of that).

Irina is a young talent from Moldova, she paints various traditional motifs representing her culture and customs. It is very sensitive for me as there are a lot of resemblances with the Romanian folklore. I love the way she values her roots and it translates in her work so well. Her ideas are defined and I believe she has a bright future ahead. She just launched her etsy shop, which eventually will expose her more to an international market. In case you are looking for something “one of a kind” you can order your own design here. I do warn you it will be hard to pick just one piece considering how unique they all are.

As of what it concerns me I had to have her maxi fully painted dress, but I wanted a buttoned version in order to be able to style it differently by layering. The rooster skirt is a fabulous add to any fun wardrobe (just a happy coincidence matching with the Chinese Rooster year). It also comes in a embroidered version, can’t get any cooler.

I hope you enjoyed reading this (had fun watching my animations too) and that you will support Irina’s talent in order for her to grow and develop her brand. You can also follow her on Instagram @irina.madan

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