I am wearing :


ASOS dress

VINTAGE lace shirt

HANA HANI embroidered clutch


Location: Paris/Haute Couture fashion week after the Jean Paul Gaultier FW 16-17 show Photo: Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion 

I don’t really enjoy street style any longer, but there are few times when I do pose for photographers like Marie-Paola…When I know my style is captured in a spontaneous way and that I am not looked at just like at a pretty hanger. I am not a robot nor a model, therefor I really love when photographers are patient, they don’t forget about the human side and of course they appreciate my creative style, without thinking that I am not on a sort of “popular major following list”.

I have been in the blogging industry since the beginning and I truly believe I remained authentic in which it concerns my style personality. I always picked the outfits myself, never quit wearing vintage pieces and new designers that I supported throughout the years.  Unfortunately that is one of the reasons I am not enjoying street style any longer, everything became too commercial and it is harder to find authenticity in terms of styling.

But, as I said before there are still few photographers that make me feel good in front of the camera, not forcing me to pose into something that I’m not. These photos are a real example of that, my outfit made me happy that day and I guess that’s what counts the most. Marie-Paola captured me in one of my favorite color combos, green with pink and I love the energy in these pics. I hope you do too. If you didn’t already, you have to follow her work, it is exceptional.

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