Casual chic in vintage Chanel

Casual chic in vintage Chanel


I’m wearing:

MOSCHINO vintage blazer


TOPSHOP hoodie

H&M jeans

FREDA BANANA sunglasses

CHANEL slingbacks

Photographer: Sébastien Fournier Location: Paris

“Casual chic” started to be my best friend lately, no matter the day of the week, occasion or no occasion. Last time I wore this colorblock blazer was for a private concert and I remember I paired it with a burgundy sequinned dress and high heels. This time I styled it with a hoodie. I remember how crazy about hoodies I was back in my teenage years. Now I would wear it with everything, even with something extremely elegant.

How crazy beautiful is my vintage Chanel bag from Rice and Beans store, I leave you the link here in case you want to check out other incredible pieces that Sarah curates with careful attention and passion. Her designer choices are extremely well selected, among vintage Chanel. My bag is a travelling/vanity case but its shape is so original and “in” at the moment. The shape of it made me love it so much. Believe it or not this is quite a classical, certainly original because hey…it is rare that I don’t admire something that looks original. For example the Boy bag will probably never find its place in my wardrobe. It may be “original” in a way for others, just not for me.

One more thing, you can also find a semi annual sale on Rice and Beans If you are crazy mad about the iconic: Chanel belt ,Chanel jacket , Chanel brogues or all of these ?!

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