Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms


I’m wearing:

VINTAGE silk jacket

H&M body

ZARA jeans

RADKLAO cherry headband

GOTTI sunglasses

GRACE WORLD backpack


Photographer: Sébastien Fournier Location: Vincennes

There is nothing prettier than cherry blossoms, am I right?! And in terms of clothing there is nothing better than a silk piece. Silk is the most comfortable fabric, but also the classiest. My jacket has a double wear function, which makes it double special as well. I will make sure to style it the other way, the print is quite something.

I love how comfortable I felt in this outfit, the jeans with slippers were such a good choice. I wanted to make my head look a bit more dramatic, especially for the day time, so I created a glowing makeup using my favorite palette from By Terry. And to make it even more dramatic I added my cherries headpiece. I think after all these years of styling I over passed the idea of “appropriate or inappropriate” for taking a walk or going for coffee.

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