Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask Firming Solution

Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask Firming Solution


DR.JART + Firm Lover Rubber Mask

Hello everyone, as I promised here is another skin care post, this time around the amazing brand, Dr.Jart +. Honestly their masks are bombs, from the product itself which really works and also their outstanding packaging. I have never been so excited to test a mask before. I am a huge fan of masks and I try to do as many as possible, in my good beauty weeks a different one every other 2 days. I tested Dr. Jart’s rubber mask “firm lover” and I absolutely loved it. My skin felt great afterwards, it stayed cold for the next hour or so and it was firmer, no doubt. Now I truly cannot wait to test the others. There are probably a dozen different ones that have great reviews on  the web. I guess I have to get back at you once I tested them all to give you my honest opinion and pick a favorite or two. These come as a limited edition collection and you can probably find them in selected Sephora stores or online.


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