Tested and Approved-Make up & Skin care

Tested and Approved-Make up & Skin care


PHYTOMER Beautifying oil

This oil for face, body and hair has been my friend for few weeks. I absolutely love its non greasy texture, my body skin feels so smooth after massaging it. I only used it on my body for the moment. In general I avoid applying multi use oils on my face, but I will definitely give it a try on my dry hair ends.

BIOCYTE gold face mask & serum

One of my latest discoveries is Biocyte and their products never fail to surprise me, in a good way of course. The Forte serum is so good, I also apply it before make up for a long lasting hydrating effect.

BY TERRY liftessence neck cream

Cellularose hydra-eclat serum & Brightening CC lumi-serum

You probably know that I am a By Terry addict. There is not one product that I have tested that I was disappointed with by now. Their hydrating serum is out of this world, the texture melts into my skin and the scent make me feel as if I was in a rose garden each time. The neck cream is a gem as well, I totally recommend it. One of their best sellers is the CC brightening lumi-serum which also comes in different shades. No wonder is a best seller, make up or no make up this is a life changer.

REVLON photoready eye art & matte lipcolor

Revlon is a brand that I used to be loyal to in my younger years. They have some new excellent make up products on the market. One of my new favorites is the eye art, the glitter has such a nice shine and it stays on your eyelids forever. Their new matte lipcolors are pretty cool as well. I love a good matte nude!

BY TERRY duo powder

This right here is my favorite powder at the moment, my skin is literally glowing each time I am applying it. Genius product once again signed By Terry.

URIAGE hyseac 3 regul global skin care

BEAUTERRA monoi ultra rich shower gel

DAYLONG 50 SPF+ face gel

DR. SMITH booster

DUODERM white tea shower gel

BY TERRY rose balm

Few essentials I always pack with me recently. I am a big fan of the Uriage tinted cream. I usually apply it before my make up. It is also very good used alone, an ally against sebum and blemishes.

BY TERRY hydra-filler

This right here is an excellent primer in case you were looking to try out a new one. You will quickly become addicted to this, the matte/blur finish is real.

BY TERRY mascara & powder

I use these two make up products almost everyday, simple as that. The powder does magic to your fine wrinkles and the mascara, which is also a growing serum for your eyelashes is my all time favorite.

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