PFW outfit-Gucci colors

PFW outfit-Gucci colors


I am wearing:

VINTAGE blazer

TOPMAN sweatshirt

YSL sunnies

ASOS stirrups

NEW LOOK earrings

ZARA faux fur tote bag


Photographer: Sébastien Fournier / Location: Paris for fashion week

This fashion week has been pretty chill for me, throughout these passed few seasons I have learned to take things slower and be more picky with what I am doing in terms of shows and events. Health wise I wasn’t in my best shape, so had to prioritize that instead.

This outfit could totally be GUCCI, expect it is not. It has the colors of the brand and somewhat also its aesthetics, but the major difference is its price. There you have it, luxe at a very reasonable price. The key is mix and match and the extra attention to details. The way you combine and wear your clothing will always make the difference.  The vintage blazer is the IT piece of this look, it could easily be in stores right now…Modern vintage as I like to call it.

This is sporty, glamorous and somehow androgynous and feminine at the same time. You know by now that I don’t really care about trends, but this outfit is all about trendy pieces happening right now. Did I mention how obsessed I am with stirrups?! Or faux fur?! Or checkers?!

Wait to hear the most fun part about this look… The whole outfit is under 150€. What do we think?! Yay or Nay…

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