Tested and approved- new favorites

Tested and approved- new favorites



ERBORIAN BB Flash Essence & Lip Mask

FLEUR’S Cleansing cream & Imperfections Purifying gel

FRESH Sugar Rosé lip balm

BY TERRY Liftessence neck cream

MARY COHR Invigorating body water

SABE MASSON Né des Roses solid perfume

Welcome to my beauty series “tested and approved”. I recently started covering more and more beauty subjects. I also noticed on my instagram that you are very interested in those, so I am doing my best to propose to you more beauty related posts.

In this article I am showing you some recent products, that have a positive impact on my skin. Among my favorites, the imperfection purifying gel from Fleur’s, the camellia lip mask from Erborian, the Mary Cohr invigorating body water, the By Terry neck cream, the honey mask from Sanoflore…. But all of the products mentioned and visible in the photos are very good for my skin. Therefor I can recommend it to you.

Have you ever tried any of these products?! A particular brand that you love, a specific product that you would love to test?!…Let me know, I am so curious to hear your thoughts.


ERBORIAN Cleansing oil

VEGETALEMENT PROVENCE Himalayan Salt for body and hair

SANOFLORE Honey Mask & Serum

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