Blogmas-Givenchy Polka Dots Dress

Blogmas-Givenchy Polka Dots Dress


I am wearing:

VINTAGE blazer


H&M top

RENE DERHY leather beret




H&M boots

Photographer: Sébastien Fournier Location: Paris

I used to dislike wearing polka dots and now I am absolutely crazy about them. I guess when you are almost in your 30s things change a lot. Yesterday I had a look at my blog posts from years ago and I couldn’t see any trace of dots whatsoever, which means I really didn’t own any in my wardrobe. I have no idea how that is possible as I am born a romantic and polka dots are the most romantic when it comes to dressing.

So here I am years later, a huge lover of polka dots…and obviously this vintage Givenchy dress is a curent favorite. This dress is old, but that is one of the reasons I love it as much. The neckline is just so so beautiful, a classical elegant cut.

As you know I am constantly inspired by art, graphics in particular and you can see that a lot in my styling. This is one of those outfits…Very graphic due to the layering of various patterns. I love how the dotted dress looks with the pied de poule jacket, the striped top underneath and finally the gingham fabric of my basket bag. I felt the need to add the classical 10% touch of red. Can you spot the adorable crocheted cherries on my bag?!

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