Blogmas-Visit at the Maréchal de Saxe castle

Blogmas-Visit at the Maréchal de Saxe castle

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I am wearing:

ESCADA jacket

H&M striped top

ZARA pants

PRADA sunglasses

CHANEL bag via Vintage Heirloom

TOPSHOP loafers

Photographer: Sébastien Fournier Location: Chateau du Maréchal de Saxe

As you probably know by now I have an incredible passion for castles and whenever getting outside Paris all we want to do is go and explore. Which also means discovering a new castle every time. We booked to have lunch in this majestic place and it felt amazing, we had the entire place for ourselves. The lunch was overall lovely, the food was nice, the portions were quite big and much more affordable than other places we have been to, from the same group of Hotels Particuliers. We particularly enjoyed our desserts, the long walk around the huge park and of course the very imposing rooms full of light.

Speaking outfit wise I think the silk printed jacket was very fit considering the stunning opulent decorations and the whole place itself. An example of elegance à la Française, comfortable but chic!

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