Blogmas-White shirt Blue Jeans Tweed Jacket

Blogmas-White shirt Blue Jeans Tweed Jacket


I am wearing:


H&M shirt

ZARA jeans

MELI MELO sunnies



Photographer: Sébastien Fournier Location: Paris

Three necessary articles in every fashionista’s closet: the boyfriend jeans, the white shirt and the tweed jacket. At least from my conception of what a real fashionista should be. Of course this is only a short part from the endless list. But this is still a strong example reuniting 3 of those key pieces that every girl who loves fashion should have in her wardrobe. This is also an example of a modern granny style, we have so many elements that conclude in a casual smart look. The touch of yellow is very cool, don’t you agree?! Modern vintage, always my way.

The Mary Jane inspired shoes, the white sunnies, the harness round bag make a good mix, although aesthetically, they are completely different. The shoes are somewhat on the romantic side, the bag a bit on the edgy side and the sunglasses completely retro.

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