Tested & Approved-New make up/skin care/hair

Tested & Approved-New make up/skin care/hair


FRESH rose deep hydration water & sugar caramel lip balm

REXALINE detoxifying elixir

KORRES wild rose face cream & body milk

HELOISE DE V. body oil

NAILMATIC glitter nail polish

All of the above are among current favorites, but an absolute fan of Fresh’s rose water and my newest discovery Rexaline. Their creams are part of my daily routine at the moment, greatest products I have tried in a while.

 MARIA NILA heal shampoo, conditioner & mask

This brand is an absolute favorite for my hair routine, my psoriasis is much better since I have been using their vegan products. My favorite from their Heal products is their mask. Stay tuned as I will definitely show more from this brand in the future.

FENTY BEAUTY Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Best foundation I tested in a while, I heard a lot about this before trying it…Some of the reviews were good, some were bad and some were really bad. Overall I am very positive about this foundation, especially for the wear of it. My skin looks nicely unified and not shinny even after hours without retouching my makeup. The only thing that is not excellent about it, is the fact that when I apply it melts into my skin quite fast… So before using it, I make sure I double hydrate my skin and I go fast with my beauty blender. Pro Filter exists in 40 different shades and that is absolutely amazing. So many skin tones in the world, feels really good to have more and more brands taking this example and offering that many different shades.

TOO FACED Glitter eye palette

 Melted Latex lipsticks

Love Light highlighter

Not a surprise that I love Toofaced’s products, especially their eye shadows palettes. They are always surprising, the shades are beautifully picked and the packaging is among the best. The glitter palette is so cool, the colors are vibrant and when applied on a wet brush the colors are even more vibrant and shiny.

PHYTOMER exfoliating gel

12h moisturizing flash gel

Soothing cocoon mask

Pure pore heating mask

An absolute fan of Phytomer by now, but what I love the most from everything I tested from them are their masks. They are such good products, they have really beneficial effects on my skin immediately. I strongly recommend the soothing mask.

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